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Yankee Trader Seafood

 We’re Yankee Trader Seafood, a family-run, woman-owned seafood company based in Pembroke, Massachusetts. Established by Gerry McAdams in 1994, and currently run by Gerry’s daughters and grandchildren, we’ve been turning out delectable frozen seafood dishes for almost 3 decades. 

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Green Gorilla

Green Gorilla

Green Gorilla’s promise is to bring customers the highest quality USDA certified organic CBD products ranging from CBD oils and balms to equine care and CBD for pets made from hemp extract. We are committed to producing these premium organic CBD products through methods that are both sustainable and ethical to preserve our planet and protect our future.



Our Pasta is handmade in our kitchen in Bologna, Italy by "Sfogline" who use traditional methods of sheeting and cutting — none of our pasta is extruded. Its prepared fresh daily, using a type of egg that’s available only in Italy and is specially produced for pasta. The result is a superior noodle that is the foundation for our classic Italian dishes.


Take Wheels

We believe that our design creates a safer riding experience for everyone. Our devices are created for commuters to get from here to there, safely.

Wheels are highly modular in their design, with swappable replacement parts and removable batteries resulting in real-time dynamic maintenance upkeep.